25 Jan 2017

News about the climate change

➙ In this part of the blog we are explaining some notices and world wide news about the climate change, how it affect in the world, for example with the new president Donald Trump that thinks that the climate change is a natural thing thah happens to the earth and we aren't the cause...

Rising sea swallows several Pacific islands.
➙ A group of researchers has found that in a few decades several islands in the Pacific Ocean have vanished under the sea. We have seen images taken by a satellite. We observed since 1947. Since the last century the ocean has risen about 3 millimeters per year, but since 1994 up to 7 millimeters per year.

Trump's victory endangers the pact against climate change
➙ Donald Trump, skeptical about climate change, has reached the presidency at a delicate time for the Paris Accord against climate change. There is a risk of repeating the fiasco of the Kyoto Protocol, the main power in the world signed but did not ratify it soon. The momentum of Barack Obama has been determined that this agreement was reached and that came into force. But his replacement, Republican Donald Trump, just bet the opposite.

➙ The force of the waves impede that the contribution of sediments that the river can secure in the mouth and the erosion of the bank is constant.
The Institute of Food Research and Technology (IRTA) and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) want realise a plan that tries to stop the wear of the wetland, against the deterioration of the Delta.
The actuation unfolds on the northern Delta and find trace a line of containment to 3 km of the beach, where it isn’t introduced an element, but the beach is holding wall itself. It expect to counteract the effect detrimental of the salt water recovered a part of the river Ebre.


➙ For the first time the Earth has exceeded the number of 400 ppm CO2. The principal problem is that will take millenniums to reduce this concentration of CO2, especially in the oceans. An observatory, for the first time caught a very high concentration of carbon dioxide in the air in a Hawaiian volcano, this air altered by fossil fuels. It was in May 2013.
According to the World Meteorological Organization announces the mark of 400 ppm was generalized and worldwide and no seasonal change will lower the CO2.
The climate change cause 2500 deaths

➙ Because of the high temperatures, can shoot up the deaths because of heatwaves annuals, from 300, will pass to 2500 at 2050 in Catalonia. The people that have more danger are the oldest people and the people that have disease chronic.
1’55 degrees has increased since 1950 and it’s expected that 1’4 degrees go up before arrive at 2050. And with the augment of the air pollution will cause 3500 premature deaths annuals.
According to studies, suggests that there will be increased in extreme temperatures, heatwaves, nights above 20 degrees.
There will be consequences for asthma attacks and allergies. Increase the risk of tropical diseases such as dengue, malaria and with diseases for the worsening of water. Catalonia may have lost water resources, this will cause droughts meteorological, hydrological and agricultural more sterns, which will increase fire danger and cardiopulmonary deaths

2016 was the hottest year on record, UN says:

➙ 2016 was the hottest year on record an a new high for the third year in a row according to the UN. It means 16 of the 17 hottest years on record in this century.
The record-smashing heat led to searing heat waves across the year: for example there is a new high of 42.7C was recorded in Pretoria, South Africa in January; Mae Hong Son in Thailand saw 44.6C on 28 April and also Phalodi in India reached 51.0C in May and Mitribah in Kuwait recorded 54.0C in July. Parts of Arctic Russia also saw extreme warming - 6C to 7C above average.

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