25 Jan 2017

Will global warming produce new animal migrations?

➙ This weeks they have been doing a biology project. It's about how the grass grow up according to the conditions where is cultivated. They take 2 trays and they put:
➙ After that they have cultivated the grass and they watered them once a week, so they have to see the evolution and take photos of it

They continued searching information in diferent documentaries, asking teachers... more or less the same as the last week.


➙This group in these last weeks has got lot of new information. They have spoken with some biology teachers about this topic, they also search some books about that in the library, they look at some webs, some documentaries about how climate change affects to animals…


This group search information about how global warming affect to the animal migrations, so they began organizing two groups: vertebrates and invertebrates and they have also searched some information about the emigrations of these animals.

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