24 Jan 2017

How can we can calculate sea level rise caused by climate change? Which areas are supposed to be underwater in 2050?


➙ In this week we haven't got too much information about that group, but they told us they are starting a new part in this project, we will see it next week


➙ After the last week, they continued searching information and grafics that can be interesting for their project


We interview this group that search information of how can we calculate the sea level rise caused by climate change and they told us, they have information from NASA about the level of the water. 
➙ They have different maps with how we get the water today and they have also some graphics about the level of water.
➙ This week the group organize all the information among them and they also searched more information apart from what do they had.

                           Here is a picture of the grafics they found about the global temperature...

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